Past Events

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2017 at the DTP Afterschools Programme 

2017 has been a busy year in the DTP Afterschools Programme for primary school students. Highlights of the year include: – High enrolment in two two-hour sessions of the programme which meet weekly in Letterkenny during the school year, one on Monday afternoons for students aged 8 years and under and the other on Tuesday afternoons for students who are over 8. – A Homework Club during the first hour of each session which provided the structure for students to complete homework assignments with the support of a certified Tutor and other staff members; – A range of activities during the second hour of each session which gave students a chance to develop their confidence, interests, skills, and teamwork through art, drama, sports, and storytelling. – As part of the programme’s overall Language and Literacy Development focus, special Creative Writing Workshops were held this year with acclaimed local poet and author Julia Sweeney, whose own writing draws from her experiences as a Traveller. – DTP Afterschools Programme staff have provided a helpful and caring link between students and families with teachers and schools.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

TravTeen Youth Programme in 2017

TRAVTEEN Youth Programme participants have taken part in a wide range of activities in 2017. The programme is run through a collaboration between DTP and Involve, the national Traveller youth organisation.
Highlights of the year include:
– Kieran Mongan and Reece Quill, who represent DTP on Donegal Youth Council, have been busy planning and running events that raise awareness among Donegal students about road safety, body image issues, and more.
– A Bicycle Repair Group has been meeting weekly, with one ses-sion for young people aged 12 and under and another for those over 12. Participants have been successfully re-building bikes with the help of DTP’s Kyle Quill, who is a profes-sional bike mechanic.
– A Level 4 Food and Nutrition for Young Women course has been run with the DTP Primary Health Care Project as a supplement to the Home Economics curriculum in secondary school.
– Confidence-building “Leader-ship Through Drama” workshops were held for 14- to 21-year-olds.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Traveller Ethnicity Pack Launch

GOVERNMENT recognition of Traveller ethnicity on 1st March, 2017, was met with joy by DTP, which had campaigned for years with other Traveller rights organisa-tions for Travellers to be recognised as a distinct ethnic group.
“This is the way forward,” DTP’s Brigidmarie Mongan said at an event that the Project held to cele-brate the announcement. “After get-ting this past there’ll be a brighter future, because now the government have accepted us for who we are.”
Two weeks later 50 people took part in a DTP Letterkenny St. Pat-rick’s Day Parade entry celebrating Traveller ethnicity which won “Best Community Entry”.
And during Social Inclusion Week Donegal Cathaoirleach, Cllr. Gerry McMonagle, launched DTP’s “Traveller Ethnicity Pack” of eight 4” by 8” cards that provide infor-mation on Traveller Culture and History, the Roma Community, the History of DTP, and more.
“This pack will be used as a tool for conversation between communi-ties and to move forward together as a collective in solidarity,” DTP’s Katie Boyle said as a featured speaker at the launch.

Shown at the launch of DTP’s Traveller Ethnicity Pack are (from left)): Liam Ward, Donegal County Council (DCC); Hugh Friel, DTP; Kate Hagan, DTP; Joe Peoples, DCC; Donegal Cathaoirleach, Cllr. Gerry McMonagle (Sinn Féin); Garry Glennon, Letterkenny Youth and Family Service; Kieran Mongan, Donegal Youth Council; Francine Blaché-Breen, Equality and Social Inclusion Consultant; Katie Boyle, DTP; Martin Mongan, DTP and Involve; Siobhán McLaughlin, DTP; and Billy Banda, DTP and Donegal Intercultural Platform.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

2017 Training and Employment Skills Programmes

2017 has been a busy year for the Training and Employment Skills Programme that DTP runs jointly with Donegal Local Development CLG (DLDC) Traveller Job Coach Maeve McIvor. Highlights from the year include:
– Organised and ran taster courses on subjects that could lead to addi-tional training and qualification by participants. These included an
Introduction to Blacksmithing course which offered information, demonstrations, and hands-on practise in providing care to horses. A Men’s Food and Nutrition course has featured information about foods that can play a key role in a healthy lifestyle plus hands-on experience in preparing nutritious meals for oneself and one’s family.
– Four participants on a HGV/Bus Driving course run by the pro-gramme successfully passed their driving test in 2017. Alex McGin-ley, Hugh Friel, John McDonagh, and Martin Mongan are now fully licensed to drive a bus or other large vehicle either in a personal capacity or for an employer.
– Three participants on a Chain-saw Handling course successfully completed an intensive two-part training on the safe use of chain-saws. John Paul Hegarty, John McDonagh, and Martin Ward are now certified chainsaw operators.
– One participant on a HACCP food handling course successfully completed the training. Jason Boyle is now HACCP-certified and as a result meets a key condition for employment in all commercial kitchens in Ireland.

2017 at St. Gabriel’s Preschool

HIGHLIGHTS from 2017 at St. Gabriel’s Preschool in Letterkenny, which is managed by DTP with an intercultural ethos, include:
– Full enrolment of 42 students per term who attended Morning or Afternoon sessions at the school.
– Students who came from a wide range of cultural backgrounds:
Afghan, African, Chinese, Croatian, Filipino, Irish Traveller and settled, Polish, Roma, and Scottish.
– Top marks were received on a Department of Education inspection of St. Gabriel’s which assessed the quality of learning, development, and experiences that students have at the school.
– Learning activities based on national AISTEAR early childhood curriculum themes included aca-demic accomplishments that were collected into student portfolios as well as hands-on experiences plant-ing vegetables, taking care of animals, and more.
– A beautiful new school play-ground opened containing a fairy garden, a playhouse, a storytelling dome, a large wooden boat, and more, all specially designed so that learning activities can take place outdoors as well as in.
– Two new part-time staff posi-tions were created in response to strong enrolment and filled by fully certified Childcare Workers who are Travellers.
– Parents’ Meetings which were held each term created a strong link between parents and staff.
– Students raised a record €442 for the national Childline service through participating in the Cheerios Childline fundraiser.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

DTP Primary Health Care Project in 2017

CARDIOVASCULAR health, diabetes awareness, and positive mental health were top priorities for the DTP Primary Health Care Project (PHCP) in 2017. General PHCP health initiatives this year included:
– Registered and made appointments for Travellers in targeted age groups for breast, cervical, and colorectal screening, working with Donegal Women’s Centre and the national BreastCheck Programme;
– Delivered asthma awareness information to groups and on home visits by Community Health Work-ers to individuals and families;
– Ran an Introduction to Gender Studies course which explored ways that gender is socially constructed;
– Piloted the provision of anti-cot death “baby boxes” to two Traveller babies along with newborn information and supplies.
Traveller Men
DTP PHCP initiatives for Traveller men in 2017 included:
– Organised football training sessions and matches for Traveller men to improve fitness, create opportunities for Traveller men to socialise through sport, and break down barriers between the settled and Traveller communities;
– Ran a Men’s Health and Fitness series of gym sessions with men in South Donegal;
– Organised accredited Donegal ETB Learning for Living courses for Traveller men wishing tob develop-op their reading and maths skills;
– Organised a Men’s Food and Nutrition course in collaboration with the DLDC Traveller Job Coach which gave participants practise in preparing healthy meals.
Traveller Women
DTP PHCP initiatives for Traveller women in 2017 included:
– Ran courses and programmes all over the county, including: Buncra-na and Letterkenny (Small Changes, Big Difference health promotion programme); Finn Valley (Personal Development); Ballyshannon (Level 2 and 3 Communications and Intro-duction to Child Development and Play); and Killybegs (Women’s Health and Fitness).
Young Travellers
DTP PHCP initiatives for young Travellers in 2017 included:
– A Summer Youth Programme was run throughout the county which featured drama, upcycling, and sports for children and teens;
– Ran a Health and Wellbeing Day with the Neighbourhood Youth Project in Ballyshannon;
– Ran a Level 4 Food and Nutri-tion for Young Women course in collaboration with DTP’s TravTeen Youth Programme;
– A Young Men’s Intercultural Football Group was run in collabo-ration with Letterkenny Youth and Family Service.
Older Travellers
DTP PHCP initiatives for older Travellers in 2017 included:
– Made home visits to older Travellers throughout Donegal to provide health information and any assistance needed;
– Ran a “Weekly Whiden” tele-phone check-in service which rings older Travellers once a week to see how they are doing;
– Organised events for DTP’s TravClub for older Travellers, in-cluding a boat trip through Donegal Harbour; a Health and Wellbeing Day featuring health screenings, hair styling, and paper flower making; and a Christmas party.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]New Intercultural Training Initiative launched
A NEW Intercultural Training Initi-ative organised by DTP in collabo-ration with Donegal Intercultural Platform was launched by Donegal Cathaoirleach, Cllr. Gerry McMon-agle, during Social Inclusion Week.
The Initiative consists of a 20- member team from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. The team is available to deliver intercultural training to public service providers in Donegal who seek to engage as sensitively and effectively as possible with the diverse communities that they serve.





Shown at the Initiative launch are (seated, from left) Annie Mongan; Georgina Adu-Boahene; Donegal Cathaoirleach,

Cllr. Gerry McMonagle; Anne McLean; Nancy El Arabi; and (standing, from left) Rose Ward; Caitríona Kelly; Grace Adeogun; Fadl Mustapha; Theo Guessela; Paul Kernan; Billy Banda; Ann Friel; Kate Hagan; and Brigidmarie Mongan.


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6th Annual Afternoon Tea Dance – June 4th 2012

The event, which was hosted by Donegal Travellers Project as part of the Bealtaine Festival calendar of events celebrating creativity in older age, drew nearly 200 people from all over the county.
Other featured performers included well-known Ballybofey singer Pat McLean and the hugely talented Joe Boyle of Letterkenny, whose voice has been compared with that of famed country singer Garth Brooks. Participants were also treated to a Traveller culture exhibition, including beautifully crafted tin pails and containers, festive paper flowers, button-dotted “pearly pockets”, historical photographs, and exquisitely detailed barrel-top wagon models. Groups present at the tea dance included the Donegal Travellers Older Peoples Group, Fanad Day Centre, Letterkenny Day Centre, the Lifford Friday Club, Moville Day Centre, and the Stranorlar Friday Club.
“Meeting the people has been very nice,” said Anthony O’Leary of the Donegal Travellers Older Peoples Group. “It’s good to see everybody together.”


Barrel Top Days film – June 3rd 2012.

A showing of the short film “Barrel Top Days: Personal Recollections of Donegal Travellers”. The film features footage of the days when Travellers’ barrel top wagons were a common sight on Irish roads, interspersed with memories of those days by members of the Donegal Travellers Project’s Older People’s Group.”I enjoyed the film because it brings me back to when I was a young girl,” Letterkenny resident Patricia McElhattan said. “The life the Travellers lived was very hard.”
“The film was very interesting,” former Lord Mayor of Donegal Paddy Doherty said. “It shows you what happened years ago. They had very hard times, but they were happy. People cared more about each other than they do today.”
“I think it was brilliant,” Letterkenny resident Kathleen Gough said. “I could remember my young days with some of it.”
“I enjoyed it very, very much,” Letterkenny resident Mena McLaughlin said. “I would like to see it all over again.”
A presentation by Lourda Nee of the Donegal Volunteer Centre about the upcoming digital TV switchover and music by acclaimed Ballybofey singer Pat McLean rounded out the second event.


Myths and legends – Letterkenny St Patricks day parade prize winner 2012.

A St. Patrick’s Day parade entry that young Donegal Travellers were involved in designing, constructing, choreographing, and marching in was awarded a top prize at the Letterkenny St. Patrick’s Day Parade.The festive “Myths and Legends” entry, which featured a carnival dragon, multi-coloured silk flags, and salsa drums and bells, received an enthusiastic reception from  the six parade judges and the thousands of spectators who lined Main Street in the town.The entry was an initiative of Donegal Travellers Project through its involvement in the PEACE III-supported Respecting and Connecting Communities Project. Young people from a wide range of communities and backgrounds contributed to the entry as part of the project.”The judges said to me that the colour and music of the entry made it so vibrant,  and they thought ‘Respecting and Connecting Communities’ was a lovely theme, as well,” Parade Organiser Anne Condon of the Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce said. “We were delighted that they took part and equally delighted that they won a prize.”

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Barrel Top Days – Film Launch – Dec 2011.

The short film “Barrel Top Days: Personal Recollections of Donegal Travellers” was warmly received by audience members during its South Donegal launch last week at the Abbey Arts Centre in Ballyshannon.The film features footage of the days when Travellers’ barrel top wagons were a common sight on Irish roads, interspersed with memories of those days by members of the Donegal Travellers Project’s Older People’s Group.”It’s great to see it recorded,” said Molly Reynolds, who is a member of the Donegal South Forum. “It’s part of our history and culture, and it’s important to record for generations to come. “I enjoyed the film, the tinsmithing and all,” said Donegal Town resident James Boyle. “My father was a tinsmith, and all of my family were tinsmiths.”
“Barrel Top Days” was commissioned by the Donegal Travellers Primary Health Care Project and produced by Radio Image Lab, a Donegal-based company, with support from the HSE. The film launch was one of a number of health promotion and relationship-building initiatives that the DTP has organised in South Donegal over the years.


Pink Wednesday – Breast Cancer Fundraiser – Oct 2011

Participants were well and truly “in the pink” at a fundraiser to prevent breast cancer which was run last week by a group Traveller women from Donegal Travellers Project.Pink hair, pink tee shirts, pink nail polish, pink sneakers, and even pink bunny ears were on display at the festive “Pink Wednesday” fundraiser for Breast Cancer Ireland, which was attended by about 80 people.More than 400 euros were raised at the event, which was organised as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month by 17 Traveller women participating in a Women’s Development Course run by the DTP’s Primary Health Care Project.


The Magical Sisters – DTP After-schools program produced a play – Feb 2011.

“The Magical Sisters” — a delightful musical play about the power of love and of two very special girls — was performed at The Abbey Arts and Cultural Centre in Ballyshannon last week. Performers in the play, all of them members of the Donegal Travellers Project’s After-School Programme in South Donegal, had additionally assisted Drama Facilitator Danielle Roelofsen in writing, composing songs, and creating props for the play. Some even learned to play the guitar for it.”The kids’ enthusiasm was absolutely wonderful — they really took up the project,” said Danielle. “Some of them had never played the guitar before, so for a play to come so far in such a short time is really lovely.”
“The Magical Sisters” performers included: Darren McDonagh, who is 11; Kathleen McDonagh, 7; Nicole O’Reilly, 12; Jimmy Ward, 12; Kate Ward, 10; Kate Ward, 11; Leon Ward, 10; and Tom Ward, 8.The event was produced by Donegal Travellers Project as part of the Peace III-supported “Respecting and Connecting Communities Project.” Peace III projects in Donegal are managed for the Special E.U. Programmes Body by Donegal County Council.


Respecting & Connecting Communities – Jan 2011

About 165 people attended a hugely successful Intercultural Event organized by Donegal Travellers Project on behalf of the Peace III Respecting and Connecting Communities Project. The event was held last Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Letterkenny Youth and Family Services in Glencar. “This event was fantastic,” said organizer Annmarie Keogh, who is Traveller Event Co-ordinator for Donegal Travellers Project. “We had loads of people from all the diverse communities that live in the area: members of the settled and Traveller communities, Polish and Ghanaian communities, as well as Indian and Lithuanian communities.  Everybody mingled and had great fun tasting different foods, learning new craft skills, and enjoying the music and dance.”

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Traveller Heritage Exhibition – Nov 2010

It’s not just the past and present that images and artwork in a new Traveller Heritage Exhibition at the Donegal County Museum are focused on. It’s also the future.For in among photos of times gone by and current are aspirational ones of times to come — showing young Traveller children dressed for the careers that they hope to have when they grow up.”There are lots of different ideas about what the future might hold,” exhibition organizer Annmarie Keogh, who is Traveller Events Co-ordinator at Donegal Travellers Project (DTP), told the approximately 60 people at the exhibition launch last week. “But in all of them, these children are full of hope that in the future they will have the same chances and opportunities as other children here in Ireland. That day has not yet come. As a Project, we have high expectations for all Traveller children.”  The Traveller Heritage Exhibition was organized by Donegal Travellers Project as part of the Peace III-funded Respecting and Connecting Communities project, which is working to build better relations between the Traveller and settled communities in Donegal.


Halloween Fun Day – oct 2010

Witches, skeletons, fairies, clowns, and even a bumblebee were awhirl on the dance floor at the St. John Bosco Community Centre in Donegal Town this week as part of a Halloween Family Fun Day run by Donegal Travellers Project (DTP). A total of 84 South Donegal children and their parents attended the event, which included a D.J., face painting, fortune telling, games, and Halloween treats.


Imaginary of the Stranger – Oct 2010


Blue Drum National Traveller Art Exhibition – Oct 2010

The “National Travellers Retrospective 1985-2010” features a wide range of works by Traveller artists, including paintings and photographs of scenes from Traveller life; exquisite bronze and wood sculptures; DVDs, including one about the acclaimed Appleby Horse Fair; and delightful pictorial quilts. The exhibition is being presented by Blue Drum, a specialist support agency working with the community development sector in Ireland, in partnership with Donegal Travellers Project (DTP) and Donegal County Council. Speakers at the launch included Blue Drum Chairperson Mark McCollum, DTP Events Co-ordinator Annemarie Keogh, DTP Manager Siobhan McLaughlin, and Regional Cultural Centre General Manager Shaun Hannigan.


Letterkenny Culture Night with the DTP – Sept 2010

A traditional Traveller horse-drawn barrel-top wagon, complete with hand-crafted tools, utensils, and furniture, visited Letterkenny on Friday, 24 September, as one of several Donegal Travellers Project (DTP) contributions to Culture Night 2010.
The wagon was constructed by Mikey Connors (R.I.P.) of Canal Road in Letterkenny, and is a brilliant example of Traveller design, artistry, and craftsmanship. Also organized by the DTP for the night were two photographic exhibitions, “Traveller Life in Donegal” and “Invisible Heroes,” which were on display at the DTP office on Pearse Road. The exhibitions featured works created by members of the Donegal Traveller community, including Aggie Boyle, Rose Ward, Anne Marie Ward, and Bernie Boyle.


Summer Camp for Travellers – July 2010