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Travellers Project - Promoting Diversity in Donegal

We dream of an Ireland where the Traveller community are equal  partners in every level of Irish society. We seek a future where government and community embrace our distinct ethnicity and where the conditions have been created so we are no longer on the margins fighting for justice, equality and our human rights.

Established in 1996, Donegal Travellers Project is an independent, locally based community development organisation working for and with the Traveller Community in Donegal. For over 20 years the project has supported Travellers to articulate their identity, to organise collectively and to work towards the realisation of their rights. Today Donegal Travellers Project has a staff team of nineteen working in a range of areas.

Ireland has always welcomed people of many different origins, however, over the past decade it has become increasingly ethnically diverse. This can be seen in both our cities and in rural areas too and has become a feature of the new country Ireland is becoming. Donegal Travellers Project and its sister organisation – the Donegal Intercultural Platform – invite you to take part in our FREE on-line course on becoming DiversityAware!

This eight-part online training programme will take you through the key elements of being Diversity Aware and it will take under an hour to complete. Upon successful completion you will receive a DiversityAware course certificate. We are inviting you, your organisations or businesses to promote the training with members or staff and to take part yourselves. 

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We provide information, advice and support with accessing health services and we employ a team of Traveller community health workers offering a range of supports and services regarding health. Peoples health is determined largely by their living environment and circumstances…

Community Development

We are a community-based partnership of Travellers and members of the wider community working for justice, equality and human rights for Travellers. We offer programs, support and services for the entire Traveller community. Donegal Travellers Project is a community-based partnership of Travellers…


We provide information, advice and support with accessing employment. Accessing mainstream employment is an ongoing challenge for the Traveller community. In the 2011 census reports 84% unemployment rate among the Traveller Community. Most Travellers leave school without any formal…


Travellers for the most part, have had poor experiences at all levels in the education system. The 2011 census records show that seven out of ten Irish Travellers were educated to Primary level only or lower. 90% of Irish Travellers had ceased their full time education by the age of 17 and only 1% of the population had attended third level…

Youth Work

We promote equality for Travellers in the area of education through Home/School Liaison, after-school programs with homework clubs , St. Gabriel’s Intercultural Preschool and a range of adult education initiatives…


Traveller and Roma share a history of nomadism, similar lifestyles and have a shared experience of social exclusion and racism. Within the European context Roma policy and integration strategies are now inclusive of Irish Travellers. Over recent years the Donegal Travellers Project has been exploring how best to develop work with the Roma…