This week Donegal Travellers Project and our Primary health Care Team produced a Traveller specific short video of the 5 key measures of prevention during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can view the view below:

In the video Ita reminds us of what we need to do to protect ourselves of the coronavirus.

In her video she explains;

  1. Wash Your Hands (Frequently from the wrists right up to the tips of the fingers)
  2. Keep a 2-metre distance between you and everybody else when you are outside your home (about 6 feet)
  3. Cover your sneeze and your cough. If you have a tissue – use the tissue, close the tissue and bin it and wash your hands. If you cannot get a tissue in time cough or sneeze into the crease of your elbow.
  4. Stay at home – we need to keep our circle as small as possible so stay at home as much as possible (Most health appointments have been cancelled so do not turn up for a health appointment – phone if you don’t reply presume that the appointment is cancelled)
  5. We need to shield our older people and people with a medical condition – they are the ones more likely to get a severe infection. Fortunately, children who get the infection don’t seem to be too badly affected which is great but it does mean anyone with the infection can spread it regardless of whether they have a mild or a severe form of the infection.

Remember if you have a fever AND either bad cough/shortness of breath you MUST ring you GP immediately and also self isolate. Your GP will organise a test for you and will contact you with a confirmed date and location for testing.

If you would like to contact our Primary Health Care Team at Donegal Travellers Project – Please contact Ann Friel on 0861453429