Ireland has always welcomed people of many different origins, however, over the past decade it has become increasingly ethnically diverse. This can be seen in both our cities and in rural areas too and has become a feature of the new country Ireland is becoming. Donegal Travellers Project and its sister organisation – the Donegal Intercultural Platform – invite you to take part in our FREE on-line course on becoming DiversityAware! In recognising our growing and diverse population we can play our part in promoting respect and inclusion in our communities and workplaces. This eight-part online training programme will take you through the key elements of being DiversityAware and it will take under an hour to complete. . Upon successful completion you will receive a DiversityAware course certificate. We are inviting you, your organisations and businesses to promote the course with members and staff. We are inviting you, your organisations or businesses to promote the training with members or staff and to take part yourselves. 

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Free online course to certify that you are Diversity Aware. Sign up using your email so we can certify you.