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Our Mission



The overall mission of Donegal Travellers Project is to contribute to the improvement in the quality of life, living standards and status of Irish Travellers and Roma through working creatively for greater solidarity, social justice, community development and human rights. Donegal Travellers Project works in accordance with its core principles:

– Collective action
– Solidarity
– Empowerment
– Social Justice
– Conflict Resolution and Peace building
– Equality and Discrimination
– Participation
– Partnership
– Cultural Diversity

To create the conditions within the work of the organization where members of the Traveller community are taking on leadership and    promoting community activism in the community-work approach to promoting social change.

To consolidate and strategically influence policy and the approach to equality and anti-racism work in the county, regionally, and nationally, so that Traveller culture, issues, and ethnicity is included from a rights-based position.

 To continue the work towards the eradication of racism, poverty, and oppression in solidarity with the community/voluntary sector and statutory agencies.

To develop a model of management which has the distinct role of ensuring that all actions and work is based on the principles of community work, active citizenship, and collaboration across teams, and which supports individual team members to increase their capacity within their posts.
To develop the capacity of the management committee so that they have the opportunity to actively manage, evaluate, and relate to the work of the organisation in collaboration with Triskele, the support agency.

To analyze within the organization and with the wider Traveller community the National Traveller Education Strategy, so that we can identify how we would like to see it implemented locally in our role as a community organization working towards the elimination of the educational disadvantage that the community experiences here in the county and nationally.

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